What do I need to do before I send my components to you?

We degrease all components free of charge, all we ask is all components are stripped down and paint free ready for our processes. If required we can paint strip your components for additional cost – please let us know when we are quoting your job.

Why is Vapour Blasting better than dry blasting?

Vapour Blasting is a gentler process, that does not damage the surface of your component. Vapour Blasting is dust free, so there is no chance of small holes, etc. getting clogged up.
No media is impregnated into the surface with vapour blasting, which is critical for cylinder heads and pistons.

Does it matter that my part is covered in oil and grease?

No, we will degrease your component free of charge.

What Blast Media do you use?

We use aerospace specification materials in our vapour blasting & ultrasonic applications.

How much will it cost to Vapour Blast or Ultrasonically Clean my component?

The price will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the component being cleaned, so we can’t give you a price without getting a few details about the job first. Get in touch and tell us about your part and we’ll get you an accurate price.

How do I get my part to / from you?

If you live within the Aberdeen area collection can be made if required.
If you live outside the Aberdeen area, we recommend you send your goods to us via tracked delivery and we will provide a quote for return shipping which payment will be required before your components are returned to you.